4NCL-O Division 3 semi-final result

All, our Division 3 semi-final has finished. Oxford 3 recorded this result:

Our four games are available for perusal here.

Chris took a relatively quick draw in a French Defence that turned turgid. Neil refuted his opponent’s speculative rook sacrifice; the crowd (aka Chris) were baying for mate in six with 25. Qxg6+ followed (if Chris & I agree) by Qf6+ and Qxh8+. Neil chose to hand some material back to swap queens and reach an endgame a bishop up with a HUGE passed pawn on e6. That was enough for his opponent who promptly resigned.

For a moment we were 1.5-0.5 up but Tashika’s Dragon had gone wrong somewhere – skip thinks swapping queens was the problem – and Dimitrios’s opening gambit had also gone awry. All over by 20:45 and we are OUT, but at least we took as many game points off Uxbridge A in one match as they’ve conceded in their seven previous matches!

I’ll take this opportunity to give you complete final player stats for Season 3 (including tonight’s results):

Finn, Chris62078
Idle, Oscar60167
Hertog, Alex50257
Bush, Ian50156
Cole, James3317
Murawski, Jan4127
Evans, Chris J4116
Hameed, Asif4116
Arora, Tashika32348
Wilson, Edgar32247
Staples, Neil32045
Nataraj, Nakul3137
Zakarian, David2327
Smallbone, Kieran D2305
Rogan, Killian30336
Savage, Ben DM22236
Hobson, Kenneth30235
Zakarian, Dimitrios30235
Bentham, Sam2136
Cole, Graham L2136
Terry, Sean2125
Cont, Arya2103
Henbest, Kevin12326
Tselos, Ross10213