End-of-season stats

Onliners, here are some deep and meaningfulless end-of season individual statistics:

Top Scorers

Stand well back, please, for a long list of players scoring : Sam, Arya & Phil N (eight games), Tashika, Kenneth, K and David (nine).

Other scores: Chris & Dimitrios scored 5/8, Nakul 4½/8, Graham 4½/9, Andrejs 4/8, Ian & Edgar 4/9, James 2½/5, Ben 2½/9 and we will tactfully stop there.

Most Wins

was 5, scored by Tashika, Sam, Phil N & both Zakarians. David’s 5 wins came in rounds 6-10 and represent our longest individual winning streak.

Drawmasters (or not)

Dimitrios’s R10 win keeps him draw-free for the season, while R10 draws for Andrejs & Ian tie them with Chris on 4 for equal drawmaster status.

While I’m on, final divisional tables have been updated online (bottom of “4NCL-O Pairings & Results” at the 4NCL homepage). When perusing, remember that all three Surbiton teams are deemed to finish 8th in their group.

Finally, many thanks to all of you for participating. We settled into a consistent squad of 18-ish players and as such, I turned ~3 potential recruits away mid-season. I was already dropping one or two of you each round and didn’t want to further deprive you of your Tuesday evening lockdown classical chess fix.

I hope to see you all in Season Two, whenever that starts; maybe we’ll expand to five teams or more? Depends on the format, of course.